Everything you need to know about Abigail in Stardew Valley

 Among the 12 characters available for marriage in Stardew Valley, Abigail is one of the six women eligible to marry in Pelican Town. She has one of the most developed stories in the game and stands out with her alternative style and strange hobbies such as the occult; one of the main reasons why she argues with her mother.

Curiosities of the character

Abigail lives with her mother Caroline in her father Pierre's shop, her best friends are Sam and Sebastian, it is believed that the latter may have been in love with her. She loves Chocolate Cake, she doesn't like Pumpkins and she hates Poppies.

She can usually be found on the bridge near Jomerlade or in the Shop, sometimes in the Starfruit Hall or in Blight Forest near the Wizard's Tower; Her mother also mentions that she likes to go to the Cemetery and hunt frogs on rainy days.

The game insinuates that she could be the daughter of the Magician, since they have very similar physical characteristics, for example, her hair is lilac like his and although it is thought to be dyed, she confesses that she does not remember the last time she did it or when she left. this to fade

Everything you need to know about Abigail in Stardew Valley

In addition, as his friendship with Pierre increases, he confesses that he is not sure that he is his father and, furthermore, the Magician mentions having reasons to think that he has a daughter in the Town, after all, before his mother used to visit him in the west tower.

Ten hearts unlock an event in the Mines where Abigail confesses her feelings for the player. As a wife, she moves in with her pet David, helps with the farm chores, cooks breakfast, and occasionally gives away Minibombs, Monster Loot, or Bombs, you can also have children with Abigail if you wish.

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