Everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley Incubator

 To start producing your oviparous animals in Stardew Valley, the Incubator tool is essential, since its use is conducive to the hatching of Duck and Chicken eggs from the Large or Luxury Corral. The same after being deposited and in a certain period of time, artifacts are obtained with which you can make recipes, craft products, sell or even raise the animal.

Eggs that can be hatched

There are different animals available in Stardew Valley, such as chickens and ducks are providers of eggs, you must be aware of placing them in the Incubator that is located next to the Hay Hopper, but once placed there you will not be able to take off.

Keep in mind that chickens produce Normal and Brown Eggs every day, while adult ducks produce one every other day, but it can be sold or hatched for another of these animals in 5 days. Also, the happier the animal is, the larger and more valuable this artifact will be. With a high Friendship level, these animals will start producing XXL Eggs that can improve the quality of products and recipes.

Everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley Incubator

Shadow Eggs from Shadow Chickens, random events involving a witch, or when the player is asleep can also be hatched daily. Also, after digging in the Mountain or the Caldera, the dinosaur eggs that are hatched in 12 days and produced every 7 days will be available.

With each one, it is used to create craft objects such as Normal, Duck, Shadow, and Dinosaur Mayonnaise. In addition, the eggs obtained from ducks and chickens will be very useful for preparing multiple recipes.

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