Everything you need to know about Marnie in Stardew Valley

 Marnie is a villager from Stardew Valley who owns a farm located in the southern part of the map. Its main function is to provide animals and sell the necessary supplements for each of them. Once you reach all three hearts, we can unlock a recipe and scene that you will receive in the mail. Do you want to know more about Farm Marnie? She continues reading.

What does Marnie like in Stardew Valley?

To reaffirm a friendship with Marnie and keep her in dialogue you will have to give her gifts twice a week. Her charm in the kitchen is Farmer's Lunch, Pink Pie, and Pumpkin Pie. She also has other hard-to-get items like diamonds, prismatic shards, pearls, and the rabbit's foot.

On the other hand, Marnie lives with her nephews Shane and Jas and celebrates her birthday on the 18th of autumn. Throughout the mission, you will notice her love bond with Lewis, despite the fact that this denotes singleness in the Flower Dance.

Another point is that Marnie is often afraid of going to the mines, and if she requires an item, she chooses to ask for a favor. Therefore, it is likely that you will receive a visit from her asking for cave carrots, the favorite treat of goats. If you do, you will have a chance until 5 in the afternoon to enter her ranch.

Everything you need to know about Marnie in Stardew Valley

Finally, try not to give him objects such as wild radish, seaweed, and raspberries because he hates them. And if you plan an appointment, you can do it any night in the Hall. If you do it at the store, I might mistake you for Lewis.

Keep in mind that you can't give her gifts that she doesn't like or hate because this will make your friendship level harder and therefore it will be harder to increase hearts with Marnie.

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