Everything you need to know about Krobus in Stardew Valley

 Krobus, the friendly monster from Stardew Valley, lives in the sewers and is a Shadow Beast, therefore, he is sensitive to sunlight and cannot go outside during the day. It is the same as the creatures of the mines available from level 90, but in his dialogues, he says he feels different from them because they are hostile and unlike him, they fear humans. Here we tell you all the details about Krobus.

Details you should know about Krobus

One of the relevant details of Krobus is the merchant with whom you will get rare items such as Shadow Egg, Shadow, and Solar Essences; and even he has some recipes (Crystal Floor or Cursed Statue) and will open new paths. It should be taken into account that their products vary according to the day.

The monster is not seen interacting with other villagers, but he does have some sort of friendship with the creatures in the mine, he also claims to hate dwarves. The first way to see it is through a mission where the Wizard's Magical Ink must be retrieved, in it you must go down to the sewers to ask Krobus for information about the Dark Talisman.

Everything you need to know about Krobus in Stardew Valley

This shadow beast is a lover of Iridium Bars, Empty Eggs, and Pumpkins; hates Green Algae and Jojacola. Strangely, it is available for Marriage although it will only move to the Farm and can only go out on rainy days.

Unlike the other characters, Krobus will not have a wedding ceremony, he will not help with chores, he can only be hugged and he can take care of any children you have, but he will not be able to have children or adopt; furthermore, as a spouse, he can make some changes within the house.

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