FIFA 23 Is there crossplay?

 And this year, sports-loving gamers are asking themselves the same question: does FIFA 23 have crossplay? In the following, we will answer your question and tell you everything you need to know about this feature.

FIFA 23 Is there crossplay?

Is there crossplay in FIFA 23?

Yes, finally there is crossplay right at the beginning of a new FIFA offshoot. As a result, a feature is finally in the starting blocks, which many FIFA fans have wished for.

When you start FIFA 23 for the first time, the crossplay feature is automatically activated. However, it is also possible that you disable it in the options if you do not want to use it.

No matter how you feel about the cover stars or whether you are interested in the licenses, you can certainly get something positive out of the crossplay feature.

What game modes & platforms does crossplay cover?

The crossplay feature covers the same generation in each case. This means the following:

  • PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC are compatible with each other
  • PS4 and Xbox One can play together

The feature does not work across generations, for example, PS4 with PS5.

The following game modes support crossplay:

  • Online friendlies
  • Online Seasons (excluding Co-op Seasons)
  • FUT Division Rivals (Excluding Co-Op)
  • FUT Champions (Excluding Co-op)
  • FUT Ultimate Draft
  • FUT Online Friendlies (Excluding Co-op)
  • FUT games against a friend

Unfortunately, the Pro Clubs mode does not offer crossplay. The following figure gives a compact overview:

Overview of game modes in FIFA 23 that support crossplay.
Overview of game modes in FIFA 23 that support crossplay.

FUT Transfer Market with Crossplay

With crossplay, the FUT transfer market is also getting an update. The pool of items is now cross-platform, with the exception of PC and Switch, these two platforms each have their own item pool.

PS4, PS5, Xbox One X|S, Xbox One, and Stadio thus share the same pool. That means if you offer an item on PS5, players on the other platforms will see and interact with the item.

FUT Leaderboard

The FUT leaderboard also gets an innovation through crossplay. You can now look at a global leaderboard, i.e. where the players of all platforms are listed, or a local ranking list, where only the players of your respective platform are listed.

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