Guide for beginners on Ghost Watchers - how to play online, defend against attacks, determine the type and catch a ghost


Guide for beginners on Ghost Watchers - how to play online, defend against attacks, determine the type and catch a ghost

Ghost Watchers is a new hit that will test your nerves for strength. In the game, gamers are offered to take on the role of ghost hunters, not from films, but real ones with crosses and complex equipment. The project turned out to be not the most friendly, so we have prepared a guide for beginners, which will help you start hunting as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to play alone?

As conceived by the developers, Ghost Watchers is designed for co-op. So you will get much more emotions. However, no one prevents you from completing tasks alone. The process will get a little tedious, but you can still get your adrenaline pumping.

How to play online in Ghost Watchers

By starting the game, you either accept an invitation from a friend or invite your friends to a dedicated server yourself. It is displayed to the right above the character's portrait. To play together, you must select the same server. Select "New game", "Invite friends" and wait for them to connect. If you are the owner of the lobby, you can send a code to your comrades, by which they will immediately connect to your room. If you are invited, select "Join Game" from the menu and enter the lobby code. In total, up to 4 gamers can participate in one session. You can also create a public game to allow random people to join your server.

Are there difficulty levels? What is the difference in difficulty levels?

The game has difficulty levels. On Easy, ghosts never break defensive items, and when enemies drag characters away, all equipment remains in their hands. At the "high" level (replaces the average), the number of attacks increases and the durability of things decreases to three "hits" of the phantom. On "mad" enemies will be able to cause harm even outside the house, and things will break after one use and fall out of your hands at the place where you were grabbed or attacked. We recommend starting to get acquainted with the game at an easy difficulty level since the number of mechanics makes you dizzy from the habit.

How to start a game in Ghost Watchers

Before starting, you choose the "arena" and the difficulty level. You can also get to the training location, where you will learn about the basic mechanics and get acquainted with the basic explanations. However, the main thing you need is an encyclopedia with a ton of text about everything and all ghosts. You will have to remember the appearance of the enemies - this will come in handy.

Your adventure begins in a van with all the available equipment, a shop, and a quest board. You can take no more than three items with you, but no one bothers to return to the van as many times as necessary.

The encyclopedia and all the collected information about the ghost can be opened on "Tab".

Each level has three stages:

  • Definition of a specific ghost;
  • Weakening the phantom;
  • Capture.
A separate task is to find the cursed thing. It glows with a green glow and is a soft toy or any other object (except for a mirror). As soon as you take the cursed thing in your hands, you will immediately attract the attention of a ghost. Your task is to have time to take the artifact out of the arena, this will make the ghost less active by default. You can complete the level without searching for objects, but this way your experience will be more complete.

Why assignments are needed

Tasks help you earn money. In the store, you need to regularly buy equipment, especially at high levels, when items often break. Without the constant completion of quests, you will quickly become bankrupt, which means that you will almost certainly lose.

At the very beginning, there will be no finances, so you will have to complete tasks from the first minutes.

Sometimes through quests, you can get useful information. For example, if the requirement is to "dodge an attack with a statue of Christ", it is logical to assume that this may be the only effective means or of them.

What does a ghost do?

The enemy moves freely on the game map. At the same time, there are not so many screamers. Apart from floating things, oohs, sighs, and sobs, there will be only a few ways to scare:

  • the phantom suddenly drags the character to a random point, hands appear on the screen, and you find yourself in a completely different place from where you were;
  • the phantom attacks and appears right in front of the screen;
  • phantom blows up light bulbs;
  • the phantom unexpectedly blocks the doors, including the entrance;
  • the sudden appearance of a ghost in the arena.

Why you need information about a ghost and how to find out the type of ghost

By pressing "Tab", you will see a whole panel of various indicators, but everything is much simpler. The main thing you need to know is the type of ghost. It depends on what tools you will weaken it. On the left are the tools, and on the right are the characteristics to be set.


  • The thermometer, EMF sensor, and footprints determine the type of ghost;
  • A particle counter and Ouija board will help to find out the age;
  • Radio and voodoo doll - mood.
Each feature has multiple options. To date, there are eight types of ghosts:

  • Poltergeist;
  • Hangman;
  • Child;
  • drowned woman;
  • Dark;
  • Vampire;
  • Jiangshi;
  • Demon.
Age may be:

  • Young;
  • Average;
  • Older;
  • Ancient.

  • Calm;
  • uptight;
  • Aggressive;
  • Hunting.

As a result, players must guess as accurately as possible who they collided with and determine how it can be weakened. A little trick is that the ghost of the same type, but different ages and moods, almost the same conditions for weakening. Only one item changes. This way you can start the weakening and capturing phase much faster than intended in the game.

In order to find out the characteristics, you need equipment. The thermometer measures the temperature. By default, the room is always around 25 degrees Celsius. If you see a sharp decline or rise, a ghost is nearby. You fix its temperature. Select the desired option immediately.

EMF is also required. There are several lights on the device. Keep track of how many of them are lit and enter the data. Finally, the particle meter also has some features in operation. In the beginning, it does not show anything, however, if the ghost is nearby, the percentage will increase. You need to be close enough, otherwise, the indicator will pause. You have to score 100% to be successful. As soon as this happens, you will see a numerical range, for example, from 500 to 1000. Enter the parameter immediately. Already at this stage, you will clearly understand who you are facing.

There is no need to measure anything else, it is time to record other indicators. Take the radio. Through it, the spirit will communicate with you, but the trick is that you can also talk to him. The game has a microphone function, so if you have a device, you can ask the spirit to sign or say that you are not enemies. The list of all available phrases is in the encyclopedia, and they will have to be spoken in English.

Finally, use the ouija board and doll. You can put them at the entrance to the house and watch. Some ghosts are not interested in these items, which also needs to be considered. For convenience, put things in the light of a lantern, otherwise, you will have to constantly turn on the fading light until the ghost blows up the light bulb. Sometimes it takes about 10 minutes of real-time to wait for an activity with the doll. Don't get lost and do something else.

The last thing you need is an ultraviolet flashlight. It shows traces of blood or feet.

Keep in mind that some ghosts don't leave marks or affect temperature. More details can be found in the encyclopedia.

How to quickly find a ghost in Ghost Watchers

A little life hack will greatly simplify your search. All devices that you can pick up work without you. Once on the map, feel free to throw off your equipment right in front of you: a flashlight, a board, a Voodoo doll, and everything else. Of course, in order to read the temperature or apply an EMF sensor, you need to be close to the enemy, but there is a trick here.

In the arena, you will find a small mirror. If a greenish glow emanates from it, you can use it. You will see the world through the eyes of a ghost, and also lure him to you. At this moment, you are in the same place where all your equipment is. This way you can quickly fill up the particle counter. At this point, the main thing is not to die. The mirror always works but requires recharging after each spirit attack.

How to quickly determine the type of ghost in Ghost Watchers

The risky way can save a lot of time. Lure the ghost to you. It is important that after the mirror you have something protective in your hand. The enemy will attack and appear before the player. After studying the encyclopedia, you will instantly understand who you are fighting. The main thing is to quickly change the mirror to protection, otherwise, there is a threat to die.

How to recognize ghost attacks and how to defend against them

During attacks, everything begins to swim in the eyes of the character. This happens all the time, without exception. To survive an attack, use a cross, a statue of Christ, or incense. However, it is worth remembering that not all enemies are equally well affected by three items at once, so caution does not hurt. On the highest difficulty, before the attack, items will fall from the character’s hands, and you will have to manage to pick them up again. Any protective tool has a margin of safety. The default is three attacks.

Where to look for traces

Most of the footprints appear in the starting room immediately after entering. In fact, you only need to study the location at the very beginning to collect data and complete quests. In other cases, it is enough to be near the exit.

Why do you need a camera?

The camera is practically useless in capturing a ghost and is only needed to complete tasks. It has three available shots, after which you will have to buy a new one. You can cheat and install the camera on a Ouija board and a Voodoo doll. So you can watch them from the car.

Why do you need grenades and salts in Ghost Watchers?

There are several types of grenades and salts in the game. All these funds are needed to weaken the ghost. Equip the protective item first, then the grenade. Immediately after the spirit attacks, throw an object at it. It is important to remember two points: only certain grenades and salts are suitable for each type, and also in the game, there is a difference between a strong and a light throw. Separate buttons are responsible for this, so it's worth remembering when and how to throw your tools. If a ghost is nearby and you throw a grenade across the room, the effect will be reduced or not happen at all.

How to catch a ghost in Ghost Watchers

As soon as you determine all the parameters, the button "Ghost Capture" will turn green. Feel free to click on it and you will see a column of actions. It is important to apply them sequentially from top to bottom, otherwise, the capture will not work. Once the ghost is weakened, it will become inactive and visible. Take the white orb from the wagon and then throw it at the ghost. The spirit will be sucked in, just like in Ghostbusters.

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