How can we use emoticons in Stardew Valley

 Using emoticons in Stardew Valley consists of showing the feelings and actions that the character expresses. To make this possible, the developers of the game have introduced a new update in order to give users an idea. Currently, we can get a total of 8 available emotions that you will find in the Emotes button. If you still don't know how to use these emoticons, don't worry, because in this guide we will explain how to use them.

Steps to use emoticons in Stardew Valley

  • First, search the main menu for the Emotes option, and then you will have to press "the Y key" to select it. There you will find a table with the list of the included emoticons.
  • The emotions you can choose from are the following: angry, heart, question, no, yes, happy, pause, and sad. It is said that more emoticons will arrive in the future, but for now, it only has these.
  • Now, you proceed to hover over each of them, to obtain more detailed information.
  • Similarly, these emoticons will be displayed with images and animations
How can we use emoticons in Stardew Valley

Basically, it is about 8 emotions that will give personality to the character as you require. Without a doubt, trying to portray thoughts is not an easy task, but in Stardew Valley, this is possible. So you should keep in mind that this does not alter or benefit the character's abilities.

Finally, it is important to clarify that the emoticon selection key button can be changed. For this reason, you have to follow another procedure, which is to press the Esc key together with the driver image. By doing so, "the Emoticons menu" will appear, from where you have to establish a new letter.

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