How is the daily cycle in Stardew Valley

 The daily cycle in Stardew Valley is the cycle of repetitive activities that we must carry out to achieve acceptable and fairly fast progress within the game. In other words, if we want to advance, it is essential to fulfilling different roles and tasks daily so that in this way we can see benefits within the game. In this guide, we will show you what things you can do within the daily cycle to improve your daily routine.

Cycle of daily activities in Stardew Valley

To understand the matter a little better, the daily cycle is the time that passes within the game, which passes much faster than in the real world. An in-game day constitutes 18 hours, which is actually 13.5 actual minutes, so 45 actual in-game seconds equals 1 elapsed hour.

During this daily cycle our character must rest, meet a period of time to replenish energy, maximum until 2 in the morning, or else the player will pass out, and therefore the doctor will take him to bed, he will lose some money which will be reflected in the mail. You can also get some energy back by eating a few meals.

How is the daily cycle in Stardew Valley

When you pass out, the game will only save the game and all the data made, as well as the activities made by the character. Note that this happens only if he goes to bed and fulfills his respective sleep cycle, otherwise the data will not be saved, so do not forget to sleep.

Remember that you can eat food or drinks that will give you energy, but the best way to recover a player's health and energy is to go to sleep, well before 2 in the morning, in order to prevent the character from falling unconscious. We recommend that you complete the cycle as correctly as possible.

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