How many kinds of fish are there in Stardew Valley?

 In Stardew Valley, apart from farming, growing food, social interactions, searching for minerals, and working in the mines, we have fishing as one of the activities that we can also do in this fun game. Armed with a fishing rod, we just have to go to a place with water and we can put this activity into practice where there is a lot of fish to catch.

Types of fish that we can get in Stardew Valley

There is a very wide and detailed variety of all types of fish that we have available to be caught. Keep in mind that each one has special characteristics which we must take into account if we want to catch them. The diversity of fish in the game is great and little by little you will be able to meet them as you catch them.

We have a total of 5 types of fish available and according to their behavior that we can detail when trying to catch them, a small challenge called a mini-game will open, where we must win to successfully catch it. Among the types of fish according to their behavior we have:

  • Lead – These are fish with a lot of downward acceleration.
  • Floater - They have much faster acceleration upwards.
  • Dart – These are erratic fish with confusing behavior, making them more difficult to catch.
  • Varied: It has a quiet movement type, in theory, they are easy to catch.
  • Fluid: they are fish with constant but very fast movement.

How many kinds of fish are there in Stardew Valley?

There are also types of fish that we can catch according to the time or season of the year, and the place or area where you are fishing (there are areas with more fish). There are also fish that we can find at different times of the day or in sunny weather, although we advise you that in rainy weather it is a great option.

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