How to acquire the artifacts in Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley, there are 4 methods to acquire artifacts that you can then sell or donate to the museum. To apply them, you must have some tools such as the hoe and go to certain places such as the Mines or the skull cave. In this section of our complete guide to Stardew Valley, we explain what you must do to obtain any of the 42 artifacts that the game has.

Methods to acquire artifacts in Stardew Valley

As we mentioned before, there are 4 effective methods to acquire artifacts in Stardew Valley. Below we explain each of them

  • Killing Monsters: These creatures are located in specific locations such as the Skull Cavern and Mutant Bug Lair. You will get artifacts such as the golden chained dwarf scroll.
  • Using the hoe: thanks to this tool known as the Hoe you will be able to remove earth or sand, where you will find the place of the artifact. That is, when the land is fully tilled, the soil will be responsible for releasing the artifact. Usually, this will happen in wintertime.
  • Using the hoe in the Skull Mine and Cavern: In these places, you have a chance to get more artifacts. These include the Rusty Spoon, Rusty Gear, Dwarf Helm, Dwarf Device, Strange Doll, and Skeletal Tail.
How to acquire the artifacts in Stardew Valley

  • Via Treasure Chests – These appear during the fishing mini-game via a random item. However, those that contain artifacts can be obtained from the Desert Trader.

Finally, in the case of artifact chests, once they are obtained, they must be processed in the blacksmith . The blacksmith who is in charge of carrying out this work is Clint and he does it for a price of 25 coins. Opening it will reveal ancient relics , and other artifacts of interest.

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