How to get Diamonds in Stardew Valley

 Diamonds are one of the minerals of great importance in Stardew Valley. They are considered as the best gem, with which you can duplicate in the crystalrium, and in turn, you can exchange some objects that will be of great value to you within the village, so it is best to obtain as much of this mineral as possible as soon as possible. For this reason, in this section of our complete guide, we will teach you how to get diamonds in Stardew Valley.

How to get diamonds in Stardew Valley?

There are different ways to obtain diamonds within the village, but the most common is by mining, breaking diamond stones and gemstones until we get what we are looking for, but these rocks are only available in mines with a level higher than 50 so it will not be so easy to get them at first.

If in the mines you meet small monsters known by the name of diggerin between mine levels 1 and 29, and the Larvae between levels 6 and 29, we recommend you defeat them to get a reward, which has a good chance of being a diamond; as well as some other monsters of different levels can give you a diamond as a prize.

How to get Diamonds in Stardew Valley

Another option to get diamonds is through treasure chests when fishing or when you are in rivers or lakes using the copper pan and you may be lucky enough to collect a diamond while you do the work with this tool and observe some object that shines.

When you pass mine level 40 there is a chance, although very small, that you can get a diamond in the garbage cans, so don't miss the opportunity to check, maybe it's your lucky day and you'll get a good loot exploring in the garbage of others.

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