How to get glassware in Stardew Valley

 Stardew Valley is one of the titles where we can find endless elements in order to generate income or simply to make or obtain other materials .

The crystal glass is one of the most functional elements in the game, which allows you to obtain improvements in terms of minerals and gems; That is why in this section of our complete Stardew Valley guide we will talk about how to get crystal glass.

What is glassware and how does it work?

The crystal glass is an easily obtainable item, but we cannot get it at the beginning of the game. It should be noted that it is a mineral that helps us to replicate any gem or mineral, except for the prismatic splinter.

Normally, as soon as you introduce a gem or mineral in the glass, we can duplicate it as many times as we want, but as soon as it is introduced it cannot be removed until it is replaced by another.

Another important detail that you should not overlook, if you want to duplicate any material with the glassware, is that once you obtain the replicas, the original object is lost.

Stardew Valley has introduced a modification in its 1.5 updates where the glassware and its usefulness benefit since it can be hit with a pickaxe and drop the ore placed inside.

Obtaining the crystal

Now, if we want to obtain this important element, it is necessary to reach level 9 of the mining skill, since here we get the recipe. But we can also get it through the crafting process, donating artifacts to the museum simply as a reward for finishing Lot 25,000G in the safe.

On the other hand, as we mentioned before, it is an element capable of generating good income; for this, we must choose the most lucrative minerals, and once they are in the glassware, they will be reproduced constantly from time to time.

How to get glassware in Stardew Valley

If you want to generate more money, we recommend doubling diamonds, since you will get one every 5 days, but its market value is high. Therefore, we can collect several and sell them later.

Remember that once you have the crystalrium recipe, you must gather the necessary materials and start crafting it by selecting the "Crafting" option from the Stardew Valley menu.

Usable materials for glassware

There are a variety of types of materials that can be duplicated thanks to glassware, among them the most common are:

  • Emerald: a green-colored stone with the great sale value.
  • Ruby – has a bright red hue.
  • Jade – It has a pale green color and is an ornamental stone.
  • Diamond: This is one of the most sought-after gems, but difficult to obtain.
  • Aquamarine: it is a gemstone, turquoise in color.
  • Opal: It has a spectacular appearance, but its internal structure reflects a rainbow of light.
  • Geminite: It is a gem that grows in bright clusters.
  • Esperite - In addition to having a pretty appearance, its crystals glow light green when stimulated.

Finally, other materials that can be duplicated through the crystal are Thunder Egg, Jasper, Granite, Slate, Fairy Stone, and Star Shards, among others.

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