How to get treasure chests in Stardew Valley

 There are video games where the chests are nothing more than masks of "junk" objects to deceive the players and play a joke on them. However, Stardew Valley treasure chests are not simple skins, they contain objectives that can be traded very well, and here, in our complete Stardew Valley guide, we will explain everything you need to know about treasure chests.

Ways to get treasure chests in Stardew Valley

There are different ways to get these chests in Stardew Valley. The 2 most common and/or traditional ways are through fishing and the purchase of artifacts. Of course, both ways have different ways to get treasure chests, specifically, if we fish, we only have a 15% chance of getting a treasure chest.

Although this 15% could be increased by 30% only if we meet the following requirements: if we combine a magnet, a pirate, and a hunter. In this way, we will have more opportunities to obtain treasure chests while fishing, either for a task or for fun.

How to get treasure chests in Stardew Valley

On the other hand, the purchase of artifacts can be obtained by buying only 5 Omni Geodes. But, in addition to being able to get treasure chests in this way, we also have the possibility of obtaining the chest with Secret Note 16.

Secret Note 16 turns out to be an object of greater importance in the game, since thanks to it we can get a treasure chest that is sold for many gold coins. Although you can only do the quest at a specific time, which would be between 6am and 4pm in the winter season. We'll need a shipping container, as merchants won't want to buy it because of its high value.

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