How to get Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

 Crafted goods from Stardew Valley are a lucrative source for the player due to their good selling prices. One of the most profitable is Truffle Oil, but aside from its high selling price, it can only be used to craft the Rain Totems, complete the Year 2 quest: Mayor's Need, and the Crafting Bundle available in the Cupboard. Today we will talk about how to get Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley.

How to get Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

Steps to Make Truffle Oil

In order to obtain this product, it is necessary to follow a series of steps, first, you must have access to the truffles, which is only achieved by having Pigs available in the Large or Luxury Stable. This is a considerable investment as these upgrades cost 12,000g and 25,000g each.

Pigs cost 16,000g at Marnie's Ranch and when they reach adulthood, they will find Truffles as long as they are outside on days without rain and are fed; the higher Friendship the player and the animal have, the more can be collected.

You also need to reach Farming level 8 to be able to build an Oilcan. This equipment is essential because it will be able to convert Truffles into oil and which requires Baba (50), Noble Wood (20), and Gold Ingot (1) for its construction. Once ready you can create the product in 6 hours, but this time will depend on whether the player is awake or asleep.

Truffle Oil is Harvey's favorite gift and has a boost of energy (38) and health (17), its sale price is 1,065g with the Artisan profession, but if Botanist is researched instead, Iridium quality truffles are obtained that can be sold for up to 1250g.

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