How to make hay in Stardew Valley

 As you may know, hay is one of the most important materials to feed our animals in Stardew Valley, so if you want to make or obtain it, you must take into account some fundamental aspects and here in this section of our complete guide we tell you everything to that you can get hay and make the most of it.

What is hay for?

The main function of hay is to feed the animals, especially in the winter, when they should preferably be sheltered. So probably if it has happened to you that you have run out of hay or you have little of this element, you should bear in mind that the best seasons to make it are during the warm seasons; since normally in the winter season is when it is used.

Getting hay is relatively simple, but it is obtained through silos, therefore the first thing will be to build a silo, to later collect grass, through the scythe, and as you cut the grass, it will accumulate in the silo; which is why we can't get hay if we haven't built our silo.

How to make hay in Stardew Valley

On the other hand, as we already know that to get hay we must have a silo, you should consider that there are two ways to have a silo on your farm.

The first option is to buy it and you will have to go to Robin's carpentry, after this you can buy one for 100g; but if you choose to get it for free you will have to build it from scratch, using stone, clay and copper bar. These materials are easy to get in Stardew Valley.

The most advisable thing is that you get a silo before a corral since in addition to being cheap, you will give it great use in the winter. To remove the hay from the silo it is necessary to have a Hay Hopper. In this way, you will only have to place the hopper in the barn, and then grab a piece of hay to give it to the animals.

Hay is usually very useful; And if you are one of those who prefer farming a farm, getting hay on time will come in handy. Well, that way you can feed the animals and have them sheltered without any problem in the winter season.

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