How to romance and get all endings with the Huntress in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

The Huntress in Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular villains. The girl is easily recognizable by the musical composition she sings in the original project. In Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, she also got one of the main roles. In this guide, we'll show you how to romance the Huntress and win her over.

How to take care of the Huntress

In Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, the player can attempt to romance the Huntress. The gameplay itself is presented in the form of a classic text-based dating sim. We choose replicas and occasionally participate in mini-games. During the passage of the story, you need to know useful information that will allow you to achieve the desired result.

First of all, you must always choose the Huntress, tell her stories and go on dates. The girl wants to start her own family and is able to ensure her safety, therefore, in the course of the story, it is necessary to activate options that relate to the mother of the heroine and the possibility of having children. Also, don't try to protect the Huntress in tense situations.

When using the correct options, hearts will appear near her face. This animation allows the player to understand that the girl liked the selected line. In this case, everything is done correctly. It is not necessary to always use the correct options to reach the favor of the Huntress. Below are the most important decisions that will allow you to have an affair with the heroine.

How to romance the Huntress at the start of the game. What to do with bauble and jerky

At the very beginning of the passage, you need to choose the Huntress as your favorite Killer, who was able to attract the attention of the player. The girl will ask the hero to throw several axes at the target. In mini-games, we press the keys in time and try to get as close as possible to the specified goal. All actions available in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim are quite simple, so the player does not require maximum concentration.

At some point, the character will pass out on the beach. The heroine will wake up the hero and offer jerky. We take it. Later, we help the girl use the hairpin correctly and hook it into her hair.

To do this, you need to activate the replica "I'll show her how to do it." The heroine likes a variety of trinkets, so she will appreciate the player's act. For her, something new is always better than the old.

How to approach the Huntress at night and make the hero sleep

On the first night around the campfire, we choose a heroine. The girl will tell a little about herself and start humming a musical tune. When an appropriate cue appears, we join the singing of a lullaby.

As soon as everyone goes to bed, the hero will have trouble sleeping. We call the Huntress and ask her for help. She will hand over a drink that will instantly knock out the player. If all the previously done actions were performed correctly, then in the afternoon the heroine will report that everything is going well in their relationship.

How to fight off crabs

The next day, the player will be in a hot tub. There will be some variation in communication. Choose the Hunter. The girl will take you to a forest hut, where she will demonstrate various knick-knacks. We show interest in them in order to make a good impression on the Huntress.

At some point, the characters will be attacked by crabs. In this case, you should not run away or protect the girl. We just grab the sword. After the attack, she will ask about starting a family. We use the phrase "Of course". Claudette and Dwight will drag the player to the beach, where the Hunter will try to steal the player. In this case, we stay with the Huntress and do not succumb to anger - we activate “Yeah, how about it” and “Thanks, but no.”

Which mushrooms to choose

We return with the Huntress to the forest. The girl will hide and you will have to find her in a mini-game. We come closer to the heroine and use the replica "For example?" or "You're right."

At night, after dinner around the campfire, the killers will ask the player to tell a story. We select any available replicas. At the end of the story, we ask the Huntress to tell us something else. The hero is given a chance to go on a little date with the girl. Choose a monkfish mask. The favorite will ask you to guess the mushrooms that are safe to eat:

  1. The left one is a funnel.
  2. Left - fox.
  3. Right - russula.

Which path to choose - forest or underground tunnel?

Before going to bed, the player will have a chance to eliminate one of the killers. We chose the Hunter, so we do not recommend using someone else. The girl must report that she is confident in herself, and in the morning Claudette and Dwight will say that the Huntress is all right.

We go on a date with the heroine and find ourselves on Hunter's yacht. We clean up the ship and in a conversation, we activate "DO NOT DOUBT" to help the girl find her trinkets. On the way to the cave, be sure to use the underground tunnel, otherwise, the hero will die in the forest.

How to make the Huntress fall in love

After finding the four items, the characters will return to the hut. The girl's mother will appear and interrupt the conversation with the Huntress. We use the replicas "What an honor", "The pure truth" and "We will start a family." The woman will hand over the handkerchief and leave the hut.

On the street, the Huntress will offer to kill the hero's friends. We use the "With pleasure" option. Do not worry - both characters will remain safe and sound. Once Claudette and Dwight are eliminated, the Huntress will invite the player to her house for lovemaking.

After that, all the heroes will gather on the beach. We use the replica "I LOVE YOU TOO!". The player will see a girl in a bikini and the game will be over.

How to get other endings with the Huntress - bad, friendship, and alternative

In Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, you can unlock other endings depending on the choices you made earlier. In addition to the good one, you can get three more endings with the Huntress:

  1. Bad. As well as for a good ending, the player needs to win the heart of the heroine. At the end of the story on the beach, instead of the replica "I LOVE YOU TOO!" you need to activate the option “Laugh in her face. In this case, the girl will cry in the ocean.
  2. Friendship. If the player focuses on a relationship with the Huntress but fails to win her love, often using the wrong options, the "Friendzone" ending will unlock. The girl will not have a love relationship with the hero, but she will take care of her friend. In the final on the beach, we use the bottom line “Sounds hot”.
  3. Alternative friendship, bad. In a normal relationship, as in the previous version, the player will not achieve the girl's love. To get this ending, you must reject the heroine's offer of friendship and activate the top option "Thanks, no." The Huntress will force the player to drink tea with mushrooms, thanks to which darkness will penetrate the character.

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