How to unlock secret notes in Stardew Valley

 Stardew Valley, apart from having a large and extensive repertoire of artifacts and collectibles, also has secret notes that are usually a bit complicated, since it is given in a strange way and is called a winter mystery; which are a series of secret notes that contain different types of content such as images, the preferences of each character and important items to find things in the town.

Know all the secret notes and how to unlock them

To unlock the notes you must go to the bus station on any given winter day. That will activate a cutscene where you will see a shadowy creature that will run and you must follow it to a bush which you must move, which will make it come out and give you the magnifying glass, in this way you will unlock the notes.

There are approximately 25 secret notes, of which the first 9 notes explain the tastes of each of the characters written by some of them, in a kind of reminder or list. There are also notes 11, 16 to 21, these images represent a riddle that is important to decipher.

How to unlock secret notes in Stardew Valley

These notes can be collected in any job that is done daily such as fishing or going to the mine. Note number 10, from 12 to 15, and from 22 to 25 are items, riddles, or confessions that you will solve in Pelican Town and its surroundings depending on the riddle and you will get different prizes.

Normally, to unlock these notes you will only have to use a bit of strategy, although as you can see, the process is very simple. 

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