Importance of donating artifacts in Stardew Valley

 Every time we manage to obtain artifacts in Stardew Valley, we have the possibility to donate or sell them. Although both options have advantages, donating can bring many more rewards. For this reason, in this section of our complete Stardew Valley guide, we will tell you the importance of donating artifacts and what type of reward each one generates.

What happens when the artifacts arrive at the museum?

This is where its importance lies since this will serve to contribute to the total of several donations. In addition to this, for the delivery of specific artifacts, you will receive rewards consisting of items.

Likewise, these objects will help you throughout the game whenever you need a gift to give away since probably one can serve as a universal gift. Artifacts with unique rewards are as follows: Chicken Statue, Bone Flute, Ancient Drum, Dwarf Scrolls, Dinosaur Egg, Rare Disk, and Ancient Seed.

Regarding the rewards, you will be able to receive a drum block, by donating an ancient drum without the need for recipes. The same thing happens if you donate a bone flute, but in this case, the reward is a flute block.

Importance of donating artifacts in Stardew Valley

Other important rewards are those given in exchange for the dwarf scrolls. Doing so will unlock the dwarf translation guide that you can locate on the skill bar. The guide is used to achieve communication with the mine dwarf.

Finally, donating artifacts is another way to earn money through their production. For example, the dinosaur egg results in mayonnaise and new hatches. The mimes are used for recipes, gifts, or to carry out a mission.

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