Importance of the lost book in Stardew Valley

 The fun title of Stardew Valley always has surprises in store for us, without a doubt there are many unknowns that can be found daily and in this case, we will talk about the lost books. They are very strange and rare objects that are a bit difficult to find, but if you manage to get hold of one of them you can get some very interesting information and in this guide, we will explain the importance of these interesting books.

Why must you find the lost books in Stardew Valley?

Finding these books is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. They provide us with an extremely important benefit, depending on the type of book we can discover different secrets or keys to the gameplay within the game platform.

In general, the lost books are important in the development of some facets of the game, because they will allow us to understand and understand a little more about some fundamental aspects. Of course, you must bear in mind that you will have to get them first and many times this can be complicated because their location is random within the farms and sometimes confusing to understand.

Among some of the most common lost books that we can get are:

  • Star Fruit Secret Book - Talks about a delicious fruit that grants a special power to whoever consumes it.
  • Scarecrow: Describes the essential way you can protect your crops from pesky birds.
  • How deep are the mines: this book educates us on everything related to the mines, and in turn gives us clues about everything we can get in it.
Importance of the lost book in Stardew Valley

  • The fisherman 1: here they give us little tips on how to be a better fisherman and quickly increase your skill .
  • Farmer's Guide to Marriage: In this book, we have basic tips for successfully marrying a villager.

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