Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley

 The fishing skill is one of the most fun and exploited in Stardew Valley. That is why we will now talk about legendary fish, which is a special category of fish that we can catch in the game, but they have additional difficulty and are therefore very difficult to achieve. In this guide, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about legendary fish.

Curiosities of the legendary fish in Stardew Valley

Legendary fish are a classification of rare fish to get in the game, but they turn out to be very valuable and rare. These fish only appear in specific places and at specific times during the game, so catching them is no easy task.

We recommend you to have the fishing skill at its maximum or at least as high as possible. As well as an iridium upgraded rod, the food bonus, baits, and a good hook all these options will give you an advantage when it comes to going for the legendary fish.

Among the legendary fish that are available to be caught we have the following:

  • Crimson fish: it is a fish that we can usually find on the beach, but you can also be lucky to find it in the warm waters of the ocean.
  • Monkfish: we can find it in the fall, especially in the city of the pelican town. It uses a bright lure to attract prey.
  • Legend: You can find it in the mountain lake. He likes rainy spring weather and is also considered the king of fish.
Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley

  • Glacial Fish: is a fish found in the blight forest. His favorite season is winter, which is why he loves glaciers.
  • Mutant Carp: It is located in the sewers, so this fish has a monstrous shape.

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