LOST ARK - artist guide

 We tell you how to play for a new class - the Artist

The Artist is a new class in the recently added Creator archetype. She is a member of the wise Yozov race. In this article, we want to tell you about her features, role in the team, and builds.

The Artist is predominantly a support class, as her skills are more focused on healing and are especially good for group defense. She is able to play some content alone, as she has tripods that increase her damage when she is not in a group. Artist skills are similar to other support classes in many ways.

LOST ARK - artist guide

Weapons and Ultimate

As a weapon, the Artist uses a huge brush and ink.

When hitting an enemy with an auto attack or skills, the Artist gains harmony energy that fills the spheres of harmony, you can have no more than three spheres at the same time. They can be used to give party members a powerful damage boost effect or heal them with a Solar Orb.

Lunar Balance - Uses two Orbs of Harmony and increases the damage done by you and your team members by 10%. The skill is activated by pressing the Z key.

Solar Equilibrium is activated on the X key and has the effect of restoring health. When used, one Orb of Harmony is consumed and a Solar Orb appears on the battlefield. When interacting with her using the G key, you can heal. In the absence of interaction, the sphere disappears after 60 seconds.

Since the Artist has 3 spheres of harmony, and skills consume one or two spheres, depending on the situation, you can maintain both the restoration of health and the increase in team damage.

Skills and characteristics

Most of her skills are focused on creating shields to absorb damage, and she can also restore mana to herself and members of the group. It is worth considering that her skills consume a lot of mana.

With Ink Mark, she increases the damage taken by enemies by 10%. It can increase the attack power of allies. Her Calligraphic Agility tripod increases attack speed, and Path of Cherry Blossom increases the movement speed of all party members within a certain radius.

The artist has the unique skill of creating portals. With the skill "Painting: Dimensional Gate", she can open a portal at the specified location, and a character interacting with the portal using the G key will be transported to the Artist. This skill can be used to save allies in a dangerous situation. Depending on the selected tripods, you can open two portals and remove negative effects from allies.

The combat characteristic "Mastery" increases the effectiveness of ultimate skills and awakening skills.

Her base defense is 90%, and each point of stamina increases the amount of health by 1.9 points.

Awakening Skills

The Artist has two awakening skills:

  • Masterpiece: Peach Orchard. The artist rises into the air on her hand and then plummets down, laying a strong shield on herself and her allies that absorbs damage depending on her maximum health. The skill also deals damage and grants the Artist two Orbs of Harmony.
  • Masterpiece. Reymjark landscape. The artist draws a pattern on the ground and then deals damage to enemies, reducing their movement speed and critical hit resistance.

Class engravings

Class Engraving Artist:

  • Spring dawn. At the moment of using the ultimate skill Solar Equilibrium, the Artist not only summons a solar sphere, but also heals allies in a certain radius in the amount of 7/11/15% of her maximum health.
  • Light cycle. Using her ultimates Lunar Balance and Solar Equilibrium increases the Artist's critical strike chance by 6/9/12% and critical damage by 20/30/40% for 60 seconds.

Now let's take a closer look at her build (set of skills), which runes, gems, characteristics, engravings, decks and equipment are more suitable for her in PvE battles (against monsters).


Over time, gaining experience, you will be able to choose the skills and tripods that are most suitable for you in order to make a comfortable build. But, you need to start with something, so we have prepared for you such a set of skills and tripods to make it comfortable to start playing as the Artist both in raids and in the halls of chaos.


Painting: Solar disk. Upgrade to level 10 and select the tripods: Path of Genius, Calligraphic Dexterity, and Monogram of Strength. This skill puts a shield on you and your allies. When using this skill with the Path of the Genius Tripod, the character becomes immune to stagger and knockback effects, so it cannot be interrupted by such methods. "Calligraphic Agility" will increase the attack speed of the artist and your allies in the group. And "Monogram of Strength" will increase the potential of your party by increasing the attack power of the artist and your party members. The skill consumes a lot of mana, so use the March Rune.

Painting: Shikigami circle. Upgrade to level 10 and choose tripods: "Creative Impromptu", "Creative Impulse" and "Exaltation of Spirit". This skill instantly restores a certain amount of mana to the artist and her allies within a certain radius. Since he has a long recovery time, the Creative Impromptu tripod will help shorten it. Impulse of Creativity provides an opportunity to restore even more mana to the artist and her party members. And "Exaltation of the Spirit" will increase the attack power of the artist and her team. Since this skill also consumes a lot of mana, then use the March Rune.

Calligraphy: Ink Cross. Upgrade to level 7 and select tripods: "Harmonization" and "Path of a Genius". This skill has the ability to counterattack opponents. By choosing the “Harmonization” tripod, you will quickly restore the energy of harmony, and with the “Path of the Genius” this skill will not be interrupted by knockback effects. For a quick use of the skill, use the Agel Rune.

Calligraphy: Rice grains. Upgrade to level 10 and choose tripods: "Harmonization", "Yellow Ink" and "Rich Palette". You will accumulate harmony energy faster and apply an improved shield to allies, which will absorb damage for a certain time depending on the maximum health of the artist. To get even more harmony energy from this skill, use Rune Eige.

Painting: Silk Road. Upgrade to level 10 and choose tripods: "Calligraphic Dexterity", "Ink Mark" and "Cherry Blossom Path". With the help of this skill and selected tripods, the artist will increase the attack and movement speed of allies, as well as impose a mark on opponents, due to which they will receive more damage. For a quick use of the skill, use the Agel Rune.

Calligraphy: Art splashes. Upgrade to level 10 and choose tripods: "Sweeping Strokes", "Ink River" and "Colorful Amulet". The "Colorful Charm" tripod makes it possible to get a colorful charm to allies who are in the area of ​​the skill and absorb damage depending on the maximum amount of health of the artist. Using the Sweeping Strokes tripod, you can increase the area of ​​effect of the skill. And with Ink River, the damage from this skill will be higher. The skill has a third level of exhaustion, therefore, in order to exhaust opponents even faster, you can put the Fehe Rune.

Painting: Universe Orpheus. Upgrade to level 10 and choose the tripods: Fortitude of the Creator, Path of the Genius and Starlight. This is an area of ​​effect channeling skill that causes allies to take much less damage for a small amount of time, and gain a star shield that absorbs damage based on the artist's health. Since it is a channeled skill, Artificer's Fortitude will reduce the damage you take while casting the skill, and Path of the Genius will prevent the skill from being interrupted by knockback effects. To further protect against blows, use the Quen Rune.

Use one of these skills according to the situation:

Painting: Spatial gates. We upgrade to level 10 and choose tripods: "The path of a genius", "From scratch" and "Parallel worlds". Opens a portal at the selected location, through which one ally can move to the artist, in doing so, he will receive a shield, the amount of absorption of which depends on the maximum health of the artist. And by choosing these tripods, you can open two portals at the same time and remove one negative effect from allies within a certain radius. Also, this skill cannot be interrupted by daze effects. Since the skill consumes a lot of mana, then use the March Rune.

Painting: Heavenly tiger. Upgrade to level 10 and select tripods: Creative Impromptu, Total Exhaustion, and Tiger Pack. This skill is more suitable for exhausting opponents. Creative Impromptu will allow you to use the skill more often, as the cooldown will be reduced. Complete Exhaustion will wear down opponents even faster, while Tiger Pack gives you a destruction effect to break the armor of your opponents faster. For more exhaustion, put the Fehe Rune.

From the awakening skills, take Masterpiece: Peach Orchard.

Set gems on all skills to reduce cooldown. On the skill "Painting: Sky Tiger" you can install an additional gem to increase damage.

Divide combat characteristics between skill and skill, most of it in skill, the rest in skill, for example 30/70.

Halls of Chaos

Since the Halls of Chaos are passed alone, we take skills and tripods for the maximum damage of the Artist herself.

Painting: Heavenly tiger. Upgrade to level 10 and choose tripods: Creative Impromptu, Sharp Brush, and Rage of Predator. Use Rune Agel.

Painting: Crane flight. Upgrade to level 10 and choose tripods: Quick Sketch, Critical Touch and Crane Wings Tactics. Use Rune Jar.

Calligraphy: Death stroke. Upgrade to level 10 and select tripods: Quick Sketch, Wide Brush, and Expression. Use Rune Agel.

Painting: Shikigami circle. Upgrade to level 10 and choose the tripods: "Creative Impromptu", "Final Touch" and "Scroll of Power". Use Rune March.

Painting: Solar disk. Upgrade to level 10 and select the tripods: Path of the Genius, Calligraphic Dexterity, and Dawn Keeper. Use Rune March.

Painting: Spring whirlpool. Upgrade to level 10 and select tripods: Critical Stroke, Expression, and Master of the Pool. Use Rune Fehe.

Calligraphy: Ink Cross. Upgrade to level 7 and select tripods: "Harmonization" and "Whirlwind". Use Rune Reide.

Calligraphy: Art splashes. Upgrade to level 10 and choose tripods: Sweeping Strokes, Ink River and Unrecognized Genius. Use Rune Reide.

From the awakening skills, select Masterpiece: Reymjark Landscape.


Of the class engravings, Spring Dawn is the best, upgrade it to level 3. Common: New Dawn, Heavy Armor, Protector, Collector of Souls, or Swiftness.

  • A new dawn. Reduces the cooldown of awakening skills and increases the number of their uses;
  • Heavy armor. Increases the protective performance of the hero;
  • Intercessor. Increases the effectiveness of shields and healing applied to yourself and allies;
  • Soul Collector. When dealing damage, the character has a chance to create an aura with a random useful effect in a certain radius from himself;
  • Swiftness. Increases movement speed.


If you want stronger shields and more health regen, then you can take the World Bosses deck, which increases the health of the artist.

For the first time, you can use the Fate of Tortoik deck to have more protection.

Use the Boer Morhen or Ark Story decks as appropriate.

Equipment of the Lords of Fetrania

From the equipment of the Lords of Fetrania, the equipment of Grieving Sorrow is the most suitable for the artist. Dealing damage inflicts effects that increase movement speed, attack speed, and increase the amount of energy generated by your ultimate.

The Artist is a support class, she effectively uses her skills to buff and protect her allies. She also has some unique features and a cute appearance.

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