Stardew Valley: Character Customization Interface

 The character customization interface in Stardew Valley covers everything related to the individualization of our farmer so that he looks to your liking. Do not forget that he will be the main character of our story, and with whom we will have to appear throughout the time in the village, so in this section of our complete Stardew Valley guide, we will explain in detail how this customization is.

How is the customization interface of our character?

The customization interface is quite simple since when creating our character it allows us to transform it as we please, and change different variables so that it looks or is to our liking. The interface or configuration is very easy to use, but keep in mind that when creating your character imagine that they will be permanent changes.

That is to say that it is a bit complicated after having created the character that we go on to make more extreme customizations, but it is possible when reaching a relationship of four hearts because a kind of room will be created in the basement where it will be possible to modify its appearance, but it costs 500 coins.

Stardew Valley: Character Customization Interface

The game when creating the character gives us a screen where we can modify different attributes of the character, among them we have:

  • Name.
  • Farm name.
  • Sex or gender.
  • Your favorite animal.
  • Choose from 24 skin tones.
  • Select one of the 73 available hairstyles.
  • Choose from 112 shirts.
  • We have four pants and more than 20 accessories available.
  • You can choose the color of the eyes, hair, and pants.
When it is created, you can then access the character settings where you can find your wardrobe and change your clothes, even wear a hat and boots to your liking.

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