Stardew Valley: Crab Traps

 In Stardew Valley you can develop different skills related to life on the farm, each one of them has unique aspects and objects that vary depending on the farm. To be the best fisherman in the valley, you need to do fishing actions with the rod or collect items in the crab traps; which can give different rewards just by leaving it on the shore. Below we will explain all the details about the Crab Traps.

Advantages of Crab Traps

Crab Traps are very useful items that can be crafted starting at level 3 with materials like Wood (40) and Iron Ingot (3). They can also be purchased at Willy's store and only need a little bait to float on the shores of areas with water, such as streams, lakes, and the sea. In addition, they can be reviewed up to a day later.

With the Trapper profession, they can be made with fewer materials, they will only need Wood (25) and Copper Ingot (2). These traps allow you to get fish such as Crabs, Molluscs, Prawns, and even Trash Cans; however, this varies depending on whether the water area is fresh or salty, and likewise, the chances of capture vary with the Marine profession.

Stardew Valley: Crab Traps

They are an economical and useful option that helps level up the ability to fish and the best thing is that you will not need to fish, they also give 5 experience points. At level 5, when choosing the Trap Trapper profession, traps will be cheaper and by level 10, you will no longer catch garbage or need bait, which will bring better rewards.

With them, you can also easily get the Fisherman achievement which requires you to catch 10 different fish or the Mother of Catches achievement which consists of catching 100 fish.

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