Stardew Valley: Farm Buildings

 With a bit of wood, stone, sometimes clay, and other materials, you can start building your farm in Stardew Valley. In Robin's carpentry, you will find everything you need to create buildings and improve them the desired number of times, each one has different improvements that optimize the experience as the player wishes to optimize the farm. Below we give you all the details of the farm buildings in Stardew Valley.

Some recommendations

To exploit the potential that the farm can have, you can choose to build a silo first, since this type of building, in addition, to needs a few resources, stone (100), clay (10), and copper ingot (5); allows you to store hay from cut grass, it is a good option as a first construction.

The stable is another of the most important, it provides 60 spaces compared to the cabins which only provide 67. In addition, El Establo allows access to pigs, very lucrative animals due to the collection of truffles that have a high value and can be transformed into Truffle Oil for greater profit.

Stardew Valley: Farm Buildings

On the other hand, sheep and cows produce milk and wool, which are also highly valued and have a lower production cost. Likewise, a pen is also capable of being used for storage, and animals such as chickens and rabbits can be raised in it; These offer eggs and wool which have various applications and also require a low cost.

The well and the mill are other recommended ones, they will keep the shower supplied with water and create flour and sugar from beets, both for a low cost and few materials. Other farm buildings are the Slime Hatchery, the Stable, the Fish Pond, and the Delivery Bucket.

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