Stardew Valley: how to get Frozen Geodes

 In Stardew Valley, the Ice or Frozen geodes contain a variety of minerals and artifacts that are somehow related to crystal and winter. You can also possess basic resources, but they are different in form and content than other types of Geodes.

These are required to complete the Bulletin Board Field Survey bundle, their reward is a Recycling Machine. Here's how to get Frozen Geodes.

Where are they?

They can be found on the ground and rocks of the Frozen Castle, which is between floors 71-79, in the Stardew Valley Mines. In addition to being typical of winter on the Farm, they also appear between 1 and 6 frequently in Treasure Chests, which correspond to the Fishing skill minigame.

Like other Geodes, it must be opened in Clint's Blacksmith who is the only one capable of splitting it in two to access its content, this task has a cost of 25g. Some of the items it contains are the light Aerinite, the Phantom Crystal that emits coldness in its aura, the Opal that is capable of reflecting the light of the rainbow, and the so-called 'idiot gold', the Pyrite.

Stardew Valley: how to get Frozen Geodes

It also likely contains the Ancient Drum artifact or the fodder ore, Frozen Tear. On the other hand, like the other geodes, it contains basic and much-needed resources in the game such as Clay, Coal, Stone, Copper or Iron Ore; Starting at level 75, Gold Ore will become available.

They can also be obtained from Clint or any child at the Winter Star Festival, which occurs every 25th of this season and is where the villagers exchange gifts.

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