Stardew Valley: how to get magma geodes

 One of the game modes that Stardew Valley allows us is the use of minerals in different ways; either to pass a quest or fulfill an occasional recipe, but the use of minerals and other artifacts is essential within the village.

However, to obtain these minerals it is essential to obtain magma geodes, and in this guide, we will explain how to do it and what resources to obtain with it.

What do we need to get the Magma Geodes in Stardew Valley?

Undoubtedly, geodes are of great importance in the Pelican Town farm. Remember that they can be minerals or artifacts that will help us at all times.

In the case of magma geodes, to get them we must be at level 81 or 119 of the mines, at these levels it is very common to get them when they fall from the rocks. It is also obtained by breaking rocks in the mines, for this task, you must use tools such as the pickaxe or a bomb and thus discover what the rocks hide.

Another way to get the magma geodes is to fish in a fish pond, but these must be lava eels and there must be at least 9 so it is not an easy task.

Stardew Valley: how to get magma geodes

In the treasure chests, there are high chances to get one of these valuable gems. We can also take a tour of the skull cavern (skull), there we can break boxes and barrels until we get our precious prize.

Once you have obtained a magma geode, you must open it to find out what minerals or artifacts it hides. However, for this, it will be necessary to go talk to the blacksmith of the city (that is, Clint), and he will help us open it for a single cost of 25 coins for each magma geode that we want to open.

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