Stardew Valley: how to get normal geodes

 In Stardew Valley, Geodes are objects that will allow you to get a variety of resources and minerals; there are four different types available in the game and to open them, you need to go to the blacksmith Clint, who for a cost of 25g will open the normal Geodes. They are easy to get and their use is an advantage that also allows easy access to resources and artifacts.

Ways to get them

There are several ways to obtain this basic type of Geode, the most common is related to either Pickaxes or Bombs, chopping stones between levels 1 and 39 of the Mines; Keep in mind that Bombs are a perk that allows you to break rocks without spending much energy.

Also with level 6 Fishing, they appear in Treasure Chests and when fighting monsters, there is actually a 25% chance to be compensated for defeating a Digger. Also, they are obtained in the Winter Star Party, which is celebrated every 25th of Winter, and in this, the player can receive 5 Geodes from Clint or 1 from any child.

This object can only be opened by Clint and it usually contains minerals such as Calcite, Petrified Slime, and even the Thunder Egg. Similarly, it can contain useful and multi-use resources such as Stone, Clay, Coal Copper, and Iron Ore.

Stardew Valley: how to get normal geodes

Other items likely to appear to include the Earth Crystal, which is one of the forage minerals, and the Dwarven Helm artifact whose metal protects from debris and stalactites.

A curiosity to keep in mind is that Geodes are a gift that the vast majority of the inhabitants of Stardew Valley do not like. So avoid giving them as gifts to villagers if you want to increase the friendship level.

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