Stardew Valley: how to play multiplayer

 Stardew Valley does not stop giving us surprises, and this time it comes to us with one long awaited by many, and it is the multiplayer mode, where we can share roles within the farm with another player or friend. In this case, it is very useful because it will allow joining efforts to accomplish tasks more easily and create more interactions between the villagers, in one way or another sharing these achievements within the game with a friend will always be fun.

How to play multiplayer in Stardew Valley?

If you start from scratch with a new farm you will be the host of the game and that farm will only be available when you are online. For this, we must select the Cooperative mode in the main menu of the game and then select the host and it will be the main owner of the farm.

You must choose to add a cabin for each of your friends who wish to connect, however you can also build the cabins after creating the game, and do not forget to select the option if the money will be shared between the players. Everything will depend on the level of trust you have with them.

Stardew Valley: how to play multiplayer

To convert your existing single-player game to multiplayer, you'll need to open your farm to other players and create a cabin for each of them. They will cost 100 gold coins. Once created, save your game progress and select Co-op from the main menu, select the farm from the host tab, and allow other players to join the game.

To join a farm, you must be on the host person's friends list and hit the join option from the co-op menu. In PC mode it will generate an invitation code that must be added to access the farm. We also have the option to connect LAN by IP address.

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