Stardew Valley: type of reward for each donated artifact

 There are a few things you can do with Stardew Valley artifacts, one is to make a profit by selling them and the other is to donate them to the Museum to complete lots and earn good rewards; either by completing Collections or by donating a specific item. This is one of the first tasks you need to take on, Guther will ask you to help stock his shelves and he will also ask you to find Lost Books for the Library.

Rewards you can get

In total, you can donate at least 42 different items and each of them has different types of rewards. One of the easiest to get is to donate 11 different items, including the Rare Disk and Dwarven Device; in order to receive the Burnt Offering, a piece of furniture that you can hang on the wall.

Completing all 15 donated artifacts in the Museum earns the Skeleton Statue; while when you reach 20 you can receive a Rare Scarecrow. Also when all 4 different types of Dwarf Scrolls are donated, you receive the special Dwarf Translation Guide item, which will finally allow you to talk to the merchant.

Stardew Valley: type of reward for each donated artifact

On the other hand, there are special ones that are divided into three parts and whose reward will allow you to make the Sloth Skeleton furniture. The collection is divided into sections A, B, and C, and to complete them you must get skeletal objects such as the Skull, Rib, Vertebra, and Prehistoric Tibia; as well as the Skeletal Hand and Tail.

It should be noted that each item can be donated only once to the Museum. Normally, these items are obtained in different ways, but most of them can be found in the Mines and even in Treasure Chests.

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