Tower of Fantasy Excavate and loot Singularity Stones - Game Guide

 In the game world of Tower of Fantasy, you will come across singularity stones from time to time. These are statues of a man carrying a large ball on his back. But how can you dig up such a singularity stone to plunder the loot underneath? We'll tell you!

Tower of Fantasy Excavate and loot Singularity Stones - Game Guide

Excavate and loot the Singularity Stone

Singularity Stones are among the puzzles that you will encounter for the first time in the Banges region. These are stone statues carrying a large ball. They each contain a Black Core that you can loot. However, the statues seem to be indestructible, with your weapons you can't move the balls a bit.

The game itself gives you the hint that you can dig up the strange stones and levitate them with certain relics. The relic means the strange cube. You can equip this in the Relics menu and then use it near a Singularity Stone to knock the heavy orb off the statue. This will reveal the Black Heart underneath and you can collect it.

Where do you get the strange cube from?

You can get the strange cube very early in the game if you play all the ruins. More specifically, you need to visit Ruins A-02 in the south of the Astra starting region. Right at the beginning of the ruins, you get the relic to be able to solve the puzzles in the ruins.

During the course of the game, you can further improve the strange cube with appropriate relic shards, but the basic form is completely sufficient for solving the puzzles with the singularity stones. So if you don't have the relic yet, get it from the ruins and puzzles of this kind will no longer be a problem for you.

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