Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide: Getting the best characters in the beginning - Game Guide

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide: Getting the best characters in the beginning - Game Guide

 Tower of Fantasy is a gacha game in which chance decides whether you get good characters or weapons or not. Many players, therefore, use the reroll method to get the adventure off to a good start. In this guide, we explain what you need to know.

What is a reroll?

Gacha games initially give players a relatively large amount of character summon resources to motivate players to keep playing. Players then want to make the best possible use of this initial bonus. If they're not satisfied, they reroll. This means they start a new game to get a new summons. This goes on until the result is satisfactory.

This is how the reroll works in Tower of Fantasy

The Tower of Fantasy works according to the principle described above. You will need to play around 30 minutes to be introduced to gacha mechanics after completing the Invaders at Environment Station mission. Then look in your mailbox (menu overview → Friends) and in the rewards menu (gift icon on the edge of the screen) and collect all the gifts that are given to you at the beginning.

At the release, players will be given about 30 gold cores. This is handy because Tower of Fantasy has a "soft pity" mechanic, which is why you get your first SSR character at 30 turns at the latest. A reroll might not be as lucrative as in other games because all players are guaranteed to get a rare weapon early.

If you still want to carry out a reroll, you have two options :

  • You can start a new adventure simply by changing servers. The progress is not transferred to a new server, but you always start over. So you can use the initial summons on any server and then just play on the server where you got the character you want.

  • You create new email addresses and use them to register to start a new game. You should consider this if you have agreed with friends on a specific server that you want to play together. Then the reroll only works with a new e-mail since you cannot simply delete your save on a server. Keep in mind that a name can only appear once on a server. Therefore, if you want to use the reroll tactic, you should not use your desired name. You can change the name later if you are happy with your reroll.

After you have decided on one of the two reroll methods, you should play through the intro as soon as possible. Since you can skip many cutscenes and dialogues , the beginning should only take about 15 minutes. However, you should take your time when creating the character, since only the first design is free.

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