Tower of Fantasy Solve Lola's riddle - All correct answers - Game Guide

 Lola's Riddle is a side quest in Tower of Fantasy in which you must answer a series of questions correctly in order to successfully complete Lola's quiz. We will show you all the correct answers for this quest here.

Tower of Fantasy Solve Lola's riddle - All correct answers - Game Guide

Start Lola's quest

Lola's quest is not available from the start. You have to play the main story until you reach about level 15. Many side missions are then unlocked in Astra. One of these starts from NPC Vivian east of the Astra Refuge at coordinates (-693.8, 790.7). She gives you the task of finding Lola and solving her puzzle.

Follow the mission so the quest marker will show you Lola's location on the map. It's just to the left of the entrance to the Astra Sanctuary to the north.

Talk to Lola and answer her questions. She will ask you 5 questions and you have to choose one of two possible answers. You can see the correct answers below.

Correct answers for Lola's riddle

  • First question: What is the name of the comet that the "Prisma" project aims to capture?
  • Correct answer: Comet Mara
  • Second question: Which organization is said to have invented the suppressors?
  • Correct answer: Hykros
  • Third question: do you know what happens to ordinary people when they lose their suppressors?
  • Correct answer: They will turn into aberrants.
  • Fourth Question: There are two types of omnium towers: one type sends omnium and the other receives it. Do you know which omnium tower belongs to the transmitting ones?
  • Correct answer: Tower of Fantasy
  • Fifth question: How many omnium towers are there in total in the world?
  • Correct answer: five

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