Tricks to earn money in Stardew Valley

 In the fun adventure of Stardew Valley, one of the most attractive things is that we can buy and equip our farm. But for them, we have to acquire money within the game.

Tricks to earn money in Stardew Valley

Undoubtedly, for all the players in this community, it is necessary to raise endless money to buy and build their world within the game. That is why today in this section of our complete guide to Stardew Valley we tell you some secrets and tricks to earn money.

How to make more money in Stardew Valley?

Normally, when we start in Stardew Valley we don't have money or buildings, which is why as we progress we will unlock things that help us generate income; but at the same time, we are building different things within the community.

Therefore, the first and essential trick is that you have patience and play constantly until you unlock and complete missions, which will help you in your beginnings; this allows you to gather some valuable objects with which you can generate economic resources. After this, you can already apply some strategies that allow you to generate money faster and therefore, achieve more advantages within the video game. Some of the tips to achieve this are as follows:

Aging wine and cheeses

One of the best alternatives to make money faster and safer is through the aging of cheese and wine since this is part of the farming skill.

Normally, this process is simple, but if we want to achieve the best aging, it will be necessary to improve the house three times, to obtain some barrels, where we can leave both the cheese and the wine for a few days, to improve their quality.

Make crab traps

These traps are relatively simple to make, but the best thing is that they will help us with the fishing skill, although we must go to the beach to obtain good results. However, it is worth it, due to the ease with which we will catch fish.

Truffle and pork oil

Pigs are one of the most important animals in the game, because they fulfill a relevant process and, above all, they allow us to generate income. The pigs go looking for truffles on the land, but the idea here is to make truffle oil.

craft glassware

This item can be crafted after reaching level 9 of the mining skill. You must consider that although the value of its production is high, it will be rewarded when generating income.

To fish

Although we know that fish is one of the most lucrative resources in Stardew Valley, in addition to that it allows us to make recipes. So whenever you can fish as much as you can or what you get. Also, this resource is ideal for when you are starting out in the title, because they are the first resources that you will find with the lucrative objective that you are looking for.

plant berries

You can plant a lot of berries (the more, the better and faster the process). The berries allow multiples at each harvest, plus they grow back days later. So if you are one of the players who choose to farm, but you want to get money, this is a good opportunity.

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