Two Point Campus Planning parties and providing entertainment - Game Guide

Two Point Campus Planning parties and providing entertainment - Game Guide

 Great parties are celebrated in Two Point Campus! After class, it's time for the students to get some distractions too. You can implement this in the form of parties and events. The better the party, the higher the mood. Here we show you how the planning and implementation work.

Planning parties and events

In addition to the everyday madness of studying, it doesn't hurt to give the students a little time off. To make this as much fun as possible, you should plan a party or an event. Depending on which room you choose, you can start a different party.

To do this, click on one of the five event rooms (lounge, student room, hearty cuisine, lecture hall or cheeseball field) and select the symbol with the calendar and the plus sign. This will take you to the event facility.

Each event requires a time slot in the school year. This means you can't start an infinite number of events, especially if they're happening in the same room. The costs range between 1,000 and 10,000 coins, but the investment is worth it.

Because your students not only get a bonus to movement speed, but also to happiness . It is also a perfect opportunity to build relationships and friendships.

Unlock more parties and complete room requirements

There are a total of 5 rooms in which you can start different events to entertain the students. The more campuses you have unlocked and collected stars, the more events are available. With each completed event, the students receive happiness, amusement, or movement speed as a bonus.

In the lecture halls, the lectern with the large screen offers the perfect setting for a movie night. You have the choice between comedy, romance, horror, western, action and science fiction. The average event cost is 5,000 coins.

There is a stay party in the lounge. This is the standard party and does not require a high campus level or special requirements.

In addition to a normal party, for which no prerequisites are necessary, you can also organize a stage night in the student room. Invite a DJ, poetry slamer or band. Depending on the style, you need a low or high campus level and , above all, a stage.

Only when the stage is placed can you start these parties and get the crowd going wild. If you have musicality students on campus, you can even host a talent show . A stage is also necessary for this.

On the cheeseball field, you can start events to play on the field. There are six different entertainment variants, which build on each other. As a prerequisite, not only academic training students are necessary, but also winning the individual events. The students therefore do not receive an entertainment bonus.

In the hearty kitchen there are no parties, but cooking duels. However, these are only relevant for the gastronomy sector and the fulfillment of star targets. The students therefore do not receive a bonus here either.

Therefore, in order to provide the right entertainment, you always have to consider what the students want at the moment. Most of the time, you'll get a fence post in your inbox once you've set up the room .

Make sure that the attractiveness and the level of the room are high. The better it is, the happier the students are during the party. And you can make sure the event is a success.

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