Types of consumable items to craft in Stardew Valley

 In addition to the recipes for dishes that can be cooked, Stardew Valley players are also provided with a number of items to craft in a process similar to Cooking. In this way you can obtain objects with multiple uses; among them pumps and artisanal equipment.

When you start you will have only eight available and to obtain them you will have to increase your Farming skill, work on the Friendship Levels with villagers, or, buy them in various stores in Pelican Town.

Consumable items and their uses

While most crafting recipes produce non-consumable items such as Fences, Sprinklers, fertilizers, Seeds, Craft Equipment, and others; there are only 4 recipes available to create some consumable items.

With level 1 Gathering and Combat. You can start crafting some like the Country Bar and the Bug Steak, the first of which requires an Acorn, a Maple Seed, and a Pineapple; likewise, the second only requires Insect Meat (10) and is also used to create the Goggles. Both will restore some energy and health to you, but some villagers hate it as a gift, so it's not considered a good gift.

Types of consumable items to craft in Stardew Valley

At Combat level 2 you will be able to make a very important item, known as the Elixir of Life that restores full health and its ingredients are Red Mushroom (1), Lilac Mushroom (1), Morel (1) and Cantarela (1) . It is a good gift for most of the townspeople, with the exception of Krobus and Willy.

Lastly, we have Garlic Oil which is achieved at Combat level 6 and for a duration of 10 minutes, it gives you a buff that scares away weak monsters . It is considered as a lousy gift and to create it you must get Garlic (10) and Oil (1).

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