Types of Fertilizer for your farm in Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley, fertilizers are objects that you must make in order to induce some effects on all plants, before, during, and after placing the seeds. They require and help develop the Farming Skill and each have their own appearance on the blocks, you can decide to search for their ingredients to craft them or buy them at the Oasis and Pierre's Shop.

What are they and how to create them?

There are six types of fertilizers in the video game, but the first one that you will have access to from the beginning is the Basic. You receive it at level 1 and it only requires Sap to be crafted, it is capable of improving the quality of the soil and the ease of harvesting, but if you add a Fish to the recipe, this effect would increase with the Deluxe Fertilizer; however, this is earned in year 2 and you must have Farming level 9.

Other fertilizers are the Basic Hydrogel and the Deluxe which are obtained at levels 3 and 7 of said skill. They need some Stone and in the second case, also Clay; They are responsible for keeping the soil watered at night. All of the above are used in plowed soil.

Types of Fertilizer for your farm in Stardew Valley

Finally, there are the Basic Accelerator (level 3) and the Deluxe version (level 8), which help the growth of crops take less time to grow; the ingredients of the first one are a Pine Pitch and a Clam; while the second uses Coral and Oak Resin. Each build of the latter produces 5 accelerator packs.

If you are just starting out, it is recommended to use Crab Traps to get fish easily and thus get better fertilizers, since it is better for your economy to make the products than to buy them.

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