Types of minerals in Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley, minerals are very helpful items for the farm. They are easily found in soil and rocks, but several can also appear in the same Geodes. They are used to make objects, and they are also sold and used to complete lots in the Museum, there are different types and each has its own use, they are common Minerals, Gems, Foraging Minerals, and Geodes.

What are the ores in Stardew Valley for?

The most common minerals are made up of Tiger's Eye, Malachite, and even Slate. Some also have fantastic names such as Fairy Stone, Neptune, Bixite, or Star Shard; its purpose is to sell them and obtain lucrative benefits, the latter being among the most valuable.

Arguably the most important are the Foraging Minerals, there are 4 of them and they are used to build useful items like the Mayonnaise Maker and Slime Press; they are also required to complete the Cuya Museum Geologist bundle. It also allows you to forge the Ring of the Warrior and the Ring of Resistance, which provide some bonuses.

Types of minerals in Stardew Valley

On the other hand, there are 8 kinds of Gems and most can be obtained through Gem Stone and Batting, they are preferred as gifts by some villagers. In the case of the Diamond, it is rare and is used to create the Ring of Yoba which protects its wearer, but the rarest is the Prismatic Shard, which is necessary if you wish to obtain the Galaxy weapons.

Finally, the Geodes are made up of 4 different types: normal, Ice, Magma, and the Omnigeode; they are rare ore, as they are broken by the blacksmith in order to obtain other resources.

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