Types of weapons in Stardew Valley

Various types of weapons are available with which you can equip yourself to fight monsters in Stardew Valley, some will help you in Farming tasks , but others will be necessary to defend yourself and face the creatures that also live in Pelican Town.

They have different styles and properties that players will unlock as they progress through the game . They can be obtained from chests, loot, and the Adventurer's Guild. Below we tell you all the details about the types of weapons in Stardew Valley .

Classification of weapons and their use

It can be said that there are two types of weapons in the video game , the first consists of those used to inflict damage during combat and among them are the Swords , the Daggers and the Clubs.

The most outstanding are those of the Galaxy collection and its infinite version, others such as the Sword, the Dagger and the Dwarf Hammer; which have among the best statistics in the game.

The second case corresponds to those of the tool type , which will help to make some farm tasks faster and more efficient. They are the Axe, the Pickaxe and the Scythe ; This last option is the only one that does not consume energy in its use and is in charge of cutting the grass and harvesting crops.

Types of weapons in Stardew Valley

The Pickaxe is used to break stones and furniture; while the Ax is used to cut trees and stumps . All are obtained by starting the game and as you level up, you can upgrade or get weapons with advantageous attributes.

Other weapons include the Slingshot , whose damage depends on the ammunition used. Also, there are some non-obtainable weapons that the characters use, for example Alex's Bat, Harvey 's Hammer or the Foil.

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