Walkthrough Hard West 2 - game guide

 A detailed guide to the storyline and side quests of the game Hard West 2

At the beginning of the passage, do not refuse the training episode. Repeat what the game points to. As in any turn-based strategy, you control a squad of fighters. You can walk them in any order. Each fighter has 3 action points. They are spent on movement, skills, and attacks. When you select the point you would like to move to, the number of action points you have left will be shown.

Walkthrough Hard West 2 - game guide

One of the new mechanics is ricochets, the other is luck. Luck is accumulated by wounds and misses, and allows you to increase the chance of hitting at a particular moment. And then there's bravado - you get it every time you kill an enemy. And each time as a result of this, you restore all the action points of this character. Ricochets allow you to make a tricky shot, but the probability of hitting with such hands is significantly reduced.

When the tutorial is over, finish off the remaining enemies in the next wagons. Make sure all your fighters board the train. Watch the video.

A squad consisting of Gene Carter, Gyrfalcon Colt, Merry Elk, and Flynn will find themselves in some kind of demonic world. You need to get to the train engine. Do the same, only you have to fight the creatures of the devil. Go forward, destroying the enemies until you are at the engine. There you will meet Mamon. This is the devil himself. Kill him. Keep killing doppelgangers. The real Mammon will not die from one or two shots. In any case, when you defeat him, watch the cut-scene.

Finding shelter

You will be on the world map. Moving along it, you can explore the most unusual places. Move up to the ruined hut. Examine it and get $5. Walk left and look around the abandoned farm. Choose any action, because in any case you will dig up the grave and find Old Man Bill. This is a new playable character! Together with him, the first side task "Bill's Cache" will appear.

Bill's stash

Return to the ruined hut on the right. It will be marked with a green marker. Choose what to pick up from the hut. The reward will be described at the end of each phrase. Either way, you'll get Bill's Wild Buffalo Rifle. The task will end. Go to inventory and distribute the weapon among the squad members. You can give this rifle to any hero!

Follow below to the bloody cross. You can pick up cards with any character. You can hover your mouse over to see what bonuses each card gives. In any case, regardless of the chosen character, you will receive identical bonuses. The difference is in who will lose 2 health points. Or you can walk away from the dead and have nothing to lose.

If you decide to pick up the cards, the tutorial will start. Go to the section with maps and study them. In total, there are 36 cards in the game, as in a regular playing deck from "6" to ace. Each card gives a certain bonus.

Deceive the executioner

Get to Boomtown train station. A little lower is the city of Boomtown itself. Join the battle to save the wapiti. One of the additional objectives is to kill all enemies in one turn. On the easy difficulty level, you can do this without any problems. In general, the sequence of actions will be simple:

  1. Use Gene Carter's Shadow Shot to kill the Sheriff and the other two enemies in front of him. At least one of them will definitely die, which means that Jin will activate Bravado and he will be able to walk again.
  2. Shoot the sheriff to deal even more damage to him and end Jin's turn.
  3. Then use Flynn's Shadow Exchange to get to the roof on the left.
  4. Let Flynn kill the enemies under the roof, behind the gallows, next to the cheerful Elk, on the other side of the street. Also, finish off the sheriff. Do not kill the enemy standing in front of the gallows.
  5. Shoot mobs near Old Man Bill to complete Flynn's turn.
  6. Then Old Man Bill will be able to kill the enemy. Wound the enemy standing on the left side.
  7. Finally, use Jolly Elk to finish off the remaining targets. You must have enough Action Points (AP) to kill the enemy near the gallows. Bravado will refresh your action points, so you will definitely have enough of them.
  8. Then it remains to finish off all the opponents inside the church. This is not difficult. The main thing is to use cover and make sure that at the end of the turn the character is not standing in an open area. After winning, you will be able to choose one of the branches for Jean or Flynn to earn a loyalty point.


Wapiti will join the squad. Be sure to go to the surgeon and heal him and the other members of the squad. Re-examine the Boomtown train station. Go down a little lower and inspect the bloody cross. You will receive $5 and a loyalty point for the selected character. A little lower is a cursed tree. You can remove the amulet from him with any hero who has upgraded to the rank of "Companion" (requires 2 loyalty points). Until then, take a look and leave. You can come back here later. By the way, below there is another bloody cross, from which you can get another loyalty point. Do this for a character with one loyalty point to become a companion, then go back and remove the witch's amulet from the tree. You can equip it in inventory. In general, in any situation, it is best to choose loyalty and not some items there.

Boomtown Merchant

Speak with the Boomtown merchant to receive this optional quest. So, the former merchant fled to the pass in the southeast. Move down along the railway and inspect the pass, blocked by an avalanche. Examine the fire near the river to find a bandit camp. Choose who will earn a loyalty point, and then chat with the bandits. You can agree to their deal or attack. In the second case, the additional goal is to kill everyone in the first round. Pretty simple. Use Jin's shadow shot and use dynamite if possible. For winning the battle, you will receive $15 and supplies. In addition, when you escort the former merchant to the Boomtown store, you will be given an additional $80.

Now deal with the tunnel on the right side. Preferably with a pickaxe as this will get you an extra 2 bottles of whiskey. Distribute the new cards and return them to Old Man Mervyn. Give him the harmonica.

Run to the secret passage at Vissela Pass on the left side of Boomtown. There will be a marker. Please note that you will have to kill 3 enemy groups at once. The first opponents will appear at the very beginning, the second - when you climb the stairs, and the third - near the railway station. One of the additional objectives is related to hitting three enemies at once with Jin's Shadow Shot ability. Just take your time and wait for the opponents to stand next to each other, and then use the skill. In the end, use the mouse wheel to see the top floor of the station and go up there. For winning you will receive $35, blue dynamite, and a new card.

The Hunt for the Ghost Train

Go down to Zika's trading post. You can give him supplies, and then you will get a discount in his store. Also, ask for the conductor. Talk to Kla'lish, he's your new ally. To the left is Sadie Marlow's house. You can clean it to get 3 bandages. Be sure to buy an oil lamp from the merchant (from Zeke). Walk left and visit the village. If you wish, you can pay the healer for treatment. A little further there will be a black cave. You can enter it only if you have the same oil lamp. You will lose it, but you will get a machete. Great weapon for Wapiti! You can also take the money or leave it and earn the loyalty of Kla'lish.

Go to the sacred place and start the battle. Now you have five companions, but only four can take part in the battle. Some companions are required for a particular battle. For example, there should be Kla'lish here. In the next battle, you will face opponents with supernatural skills for the first time. Blackhearts must be killed in one turn. Otherwise, if you wound the enemy, on the next turn he will restore health points at your expense (he will drain the HP of one of your heroes).

On an additional task, you need to kill two Black Hearts using the skills of the heroes. It is best to attack the Black Heart with all the characters, and finish off Jin with a shadow shot. Also on the right side will be a chest with artifacts. If you pick them up, three additional enemies will spawn, including one Black Heart. In general, try not to rush and think through your actions. After the destruction of all enemies, free the priestess and escort her to the Black Fish village. On the way, you can search the camp on the left.

Go to Zika's trading post and talk to Lazarus. He will become your new companion. In addition, you can chat with the refugees from Kalla-Kalla to get a side quest. Go to the right side, the storm is no longer blocking the way. Go down a little lower and chat with Bergson. Take a look at his store and be sure to buy a rope that will come in handy for the assignment. Even lower there is a fire with a lonely stranger. Need a pumped relationship with Old Man Bill or a pickaxe. You will find the pickaxe in the cave on the right side, near the blockage that separated this area from Boomtown. Just search the silver mine. Return with the pickaxe and dig for the treasure. You can cheat and take the sawed-off shotgun, or take the money and earn the respect of Lazarus.

Go to Kalla-Kalla and fight the dead. Keep in mind that they will restore health points at every turn. True, each time the maximum will decrease. Additional goals are difficult to achieve. Inside the first building in the room on the left, look for supplies. Before the last building, in the hut on the left side, there will be a chest with coal. Take this coal and bring it to Zeke's trading post to exchange it for dynamite. This is an optional action. In addition, there will be grenade-throwing enemies in the last building. Try to kill them from a distance, otherwise, each explosion will apply a bleeding effect.

Now follow to Pine Falls. Talk to everyone. Examine the bulletin board and pick up two wanted posters for Pilate and Ernie Bargacle. Be sure to ask everyone for Pilate. Head to the mountain pass and shoot down the Bargacle. It will be easier if you have a relationship with Kla'lish. As for Pilate, you need to visit Bergson's shop, then walk down the tracks (bonfires) and find his corpse on a bloody cross. Then visit Sadie Marlow's house, and only after that - the Keller farm. Go back and tell the saloon owner everything you've found out. Go to the silver mine and decide what to do with Keller.

Go to O'Kane's farm and look for an engineer there. In any case, you will have to fight with enemies. First, clear the farm yard from all opponents. Be sure to look into the far left house to pick up the book (needed for an additional task). After releasing the prisoner, go further through the next house to find the place of the ritual. That's where Moses O'Kane is. Finish him off without using character skills to get an additional reward. Once Moses is dead, the battle will end. That is, you do not need to kill all the enemies!

After winning the battle, go to the totem, select the desired actions and immerse yourself in Flynn's visions. This will be another battle. Kill opponents by slowly moving forward. On the right, you can find two chests. Be sure to search for them. To complete another additional task, at the very end, when you fight against the four reflections of Flynn, attack them until they have at least HP left. Pick up the moment when the reflection has 1 HP left, and use Flynn's teleportation (this way you will finish the reflection).

When you're ready, return to Zika's trading post and interact with the refugees. Move to the Icebreaker camp and talk to the foreman. Return to Boomtown to start the next chapter.

Missing refugees

Taken at Zika's trading post after rescuing the priestess. Go further from the silver mine with a pickaxe. Near it there will be a fire - traces of refugees. Go to the right and look for other tracks. Turn into the thick of trees and find a sawmill. There will be a wounded man. Either upgrade your relationship with Lazarus (Loyalty Level 2) or spend the bandages and whiskey.

Continue along the path, look for the third footprint and look into the cave with the refugees. Here you will need the rope you bought earlier. Having found the refugees, return to Zika's trading post and tell about everything. You will receive $25 and snakeskin boots. Shoes are very useful as they will protect the chosen character from hurting their feet.


After rescuing the priestess in the village of Blackfish, you can get an additional task. Look for a bonfire near the village. It's easier to zoom out. Move to the next fire and a camp will appear on the right. Attack the bandits. During the chase, move away from the red bars that indicate where obstacles will appear at the end of the turn. If you crash into an obstacle, the character will be knocked down and excluded from combat. Return to the village for a reward - $50.


This is the next quest from Black Fish Village. After taking it, go to the right and up to Kalla-Kalla. There is a military camp next to it, which is related to the quest below. Locate the shadow dancer camp on the map. When you do this, report everything to the commander, and he will free the prisoner. Inform Chief Blackfish that the prisoner is free. As a reward, you will receive a club from the jaw.

Horses for soldiers

This quest can be picked up at the military camp near Kalla Kalla. Talk to the character and take the quest. To the right is a frozen lake. You need a rope or an improved relationship with the Wapiti. Otherwise, you will have to sacrifice 5 HP of Gene Carter. Go to the indicated place and talk to the groom's daughter at the ranch. If you helped a wounded survivor, you received a miraculous tonic. Pass it on to your daughter. Otherwise, you will have to pump relations with Lazar. After that, return to the military camp and hand over the contract. Choose your reward - a Desert Ranger revolver or $80.

Last train to Utah

You need to make your way through the whole city to the main square and kill two monsters. Eliminate four Indians at will (this is an additional objective). Do not forget to collect other things that will be useful in battle.

To be continued…

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