Weather Types in Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley, there are several weather patterns that you can check out on television. It is a weather report that appears every day on the weather channel depending on each season. It should be noted that the types of weather influence the appearance of fish and the way the villagers speak . Below is a brief overview of weather times in Stardew Valley.

Sun and rain

During the first weather you will see the sun icon on the screen with a brief indication of a clear day. In the case of rain, the image is of a windshield with drops of rain falling on it. Similarly, the notice is that rainfall will be throughout the day.

storm and snow

The storm icon is a reflection of lightning that sparks and signals that a storm is coming soon . The snow for its part, are flakes of ice that are falling, so they recommend everyone to wrap up well.

Weather Types in Stardew Valley

Wind (spring and autumn)

The spring wind indicates that a lot of pollen is expected due to the thundercloud with a light breeze. And the autumn wind is characterized by gusts of wind that do not stop throughout the day.

festival and wedding day

These are two special events that can only be held according to the type of weather there is . It is common for it to be performed on a clear day, however, on your wedding day all tenses are omitted.

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