What are bonuses in Stardew Valley

 Bonuses in Stardew Valley refer to the increase or loss of the player's abilities. Thanks to them, we have advantages when performing tasks such as fishing, harvesting, mining, and farming. The specific way for bonuses to increase is by consuming certain foods or the food of monsters that are killed by sleeping.

How to get the bonuses in Stardew Valley?

To do this you must combine bonuses taking into account that the bonuses are replaced. That is, those bonuses that are active when you consume a food will eliminate the previous ones. Similarly, there are safe bonuses that help restore health and energy.

So, you have to choose to combine energy and speed present in both food and drink. Other bonuses that are not affected are those that contain special effects. Among them, we can name Garlic Oil, Blessing of Yoba, and Warrior Energy. The weaknesses are A little cheerful and Curse.

What are bonuses in Stardew Valley

The thing about negative buffs is that when they are replaced by an equal one, the effect is reset. But if a drink or other food is consumed, its effect continues if a safe bonus is used to cope.

Another important aspect of buffs in Stardew Valley is the duration of buffs. The way to specify the time is in minutes and seconds, that is, if 42 seconds have passed, in the game this means one hour. Similarly, in other locations in the game, time is much slower.

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