What are the teleporting totems for in Stardew Valley?

 The success of Stardew Valley has increased over the years, the game developed and designed by Eric Barone for Windows, achieved a position among the favorite farm simulators. Despite the fact that almost 5 years have passed since its launch in February 2016, its creator has dedicated himself to gradually perfecting the video game, fixing errors, and creating new content, getting closer and closer to a version without errors.

New updates, content, and a better experience

Version 1.5 is one of the most recent of video game, it was published in December 2020 and stands out for adding a totally new region to the world of the valley. The Ginger Island archipelago has arrived in the Fern Islands with its respective Island Teleportation Totem; this will allow players to immediately transport to them and can be bought from the dwarf's shop, its recipe consists of noble wood (5), dragon tooth (1) and ginger (1).

It is also highlighted that a year earlier the teleportation totem from the Desert had arrived. This predecessor allowed users to be transported to the desert could be bought from the trader and is built with hardwood (1), coconut (1), and iridium ore (4).

What are the teleporting totems for in Stardew Valley?

Although this novelty is only available for PC and, despite the fact that the creator had planned the launch for the end of January, the founder of Concerned Ape announced on Twitter that the long-awaited version for consoles has already passed the certification phase.

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