What are the universal gifts in Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley it is important to maintain a good friendship with all the villagers and for this, in addition to interacting and socializing with them, you must give them gifts, in order to increase their friendship points. But when you don't know what you can give to each of the villagers, it is important to keep in mind that there are gifts that all villagers like, these are known as universal gifts.

Gifts for all

The most common universal gifts in Stardew Valley are all foods (with the exception of the weird bun, meerschaum pudding, fried egg, and bread). The villagers also like all flowers with the exception of the poppy, which only Penny likes and is a flower that has culinary and medicinal uses, another universally known gift is all the fruits of trees.

In the mines you can also find universal gifts such as gems, these can be given to all the villagers in the town, and minerals with the exception of quartz; Villagers also like craft products which are what you can make on your farm with the exception of grim mayonnaise and oil. There are also very difficult gifts to get throughout the game.

What are the universal gifts in Stardew Valley

The golden pumpkin that you can only get in the autumn at the eve festival of spirits, the magic candy is a rare and powerful item that you can get after donating 90 items to the museum or buying it from the desert merchant for 3 prismatic shards. The pearl is a universal gift known as the rare treasure of the sea, you get them at the night market.

Lastly, keep in mind that these gifts will be worth it, as they will increase your friendship level with the villagers.

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