What does the combat skill offer in Stardew Valley

 As most of us know in Stardew Valley there are 5 types of skills which are: agriculture, harvesting, fishing, mining, and combat. The game, in general, does not require us to follow any specific one, however, it is good to know them all in order to enjoy the game to the fullest. Today we will talk specifically about what the combat skill offers in Stardew Valley.

combat skill?

Combat is part of the 5 skills that we can develop in Stardew Valley. the specific combat is the skill related to the fight against the monsters that we can find in the mines, the skull cavern, or the wild farm.

During the first days that we are in Stardew Valley, the mines will be closed due to an accident. After around 5 days, the player will receive a letter from the joja corporation explaining that they have removed the stone blocking the way to the mines.

So after that, the mine will be completely cleared, until then only those who had chosen the wild farm can fight. The combat experience is increased little by little as we are defeating monsters.

What does the combat skill offer in Stardew Valley

Each combat level increases health by 5, in addition to adding recipes and at a certain level choosing the profession that we are going to develop, depending on the levels, this is what we can unlock:

  • Level 1: it is allowed to make a resistant ring.
  • Level 2: Elixir of Life can be crafted.
  • Level 3: This allows you to cook a tray of roots.
  • Level 4: this allows you to make a warrior ring.

You must bear in mind that one of the very important things in this game is the relationship you have with the villagers and with the town's friends, since that way you can get points. For this reason, it is best to know everything related to villagers and friends.

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