What does the farming skill offer in Stardew Valley

 It is understood that Stardew Valley has different dynamic abilities that entertain and keep the game interesting, one of them being the agricultural one that offers the player multiple jobs that in turn will give him benefits as he improves and gains experience to level up. . Note that every time you level up, the player is allowed new possibilities within this skill.

This ability is characterized by giving the player a farmer experience through cultivation, harvesting seeds, as well as planting them. Emphasizing that it is one of the most important sources of income within the game and it is important to highlight that you can improve your tools.

Some of the improvements obtained are the following

Gradually leveling up will unlock certain upgrades within this ability, as level one will allow the player to craft scarecrows and basic fertilizer. Normally, when you reach the second level you will be allowed to craft the mayonnaise, stone valley as well as some sprinklers.

What does the farming skill offer in Stardew Valley

The third and fifth levels will allow you to craft the hive, canner, farmer's lunch, iron go, and the basic hydrogel. As for the sixth and seventh levels, they allow you to make the cheese press, the hardwood go, the loom, and the hydrogel and in the eighth the oil can and the barrel.

In the ninth level, you will be able to make the seed drill, the iridium sprinkler, and the special fertilizer and it only remains to mention the tenth level which is in which the game offers you professions such as farmer, shepherd, corralero, and craftsman.

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