What does the Stardew Valley beach farm contain

 Stardew Valley has included a variety of new features with patch 1.5, most notably the integration of a new map, known as "The Beach". But don't worry, because we will talk about all its details in this section of our complete Stardew Valley guide.

Details about La Playa farm

As you may know, Stardew Valley is a title that offers different maps, in which we can develop according to our tastes and preferences. The Beach is one of the farms integrated into Stardew Valley along with patch 1.5 of the title, and as expected, it is full of surprises. It is located south of the Pelican town and is undoubtedly one of the best for fishing.

As we have already said, each map or farm has its own abilities and offers advantages for the players who choose it. The beach is one of the sources of salt water, so finding fish will not be a problem, but in addition to this, we can also find shells and different objects that can be useful in the game, but for a better experience and better results, do it in the summer, between the dates 12 to 14. Well, specifically, for this season, the appearance of objects is more effective.

On the other hand, there are also important events that are only possible on this map, among them we have the Luau event and the Moon Jellyfish Dance. But this is not all, because it is also an excellent area for the artifact place, and the best thing is that it has the ability to generate items extremely quickly.

Generally, almost all artifact locations are available year-round, except for the Rainbow Shell and Nautilus Shell, as they are seasonally specific. So you will have to keep an eye on the specific date when they appear.

What does the Stardew Valley beach farm contain

Also remember that in Stardew Valley we find 7 types of farms, which you can choose according to your ambitions. Each of them offers exclusive and important abilities to advance within the game. These islands are farming, fishing, gathering, mining, combat, the four corners farm, and of course the beach island (which is the most recent one integrated into the title).

Choosing the farm style in the game is simple, but the first thing you should consider is your preferences because if you are one of those who prefer to cultivate, the agriculture farm will come in handy; instead, if you opt for mining, you will be able to acquire very useful elements for the game.

Each one offers important resources, but the new La Playa map is awesome for those who prefer a more relaxed world but finding lucrative and important items and items.

Other events that are held on the beach and that are actually fantastic and profitable are The Winter and The Night Market; These are held on the pier, from the 15th to the 17th.

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