What furniture can I get in Stardew Valley

 The Stardew Valley title has very complete and entertaining gameplay, where you will have to live on a farm. In such a way that you must comply with the daily cycle, you will have your own country house and with it, you can buy furniture. Below we explain the various pieces of furniture you can get in Stardew Valley.

How to get furniture?

At the beginning of the game, your house has a few pieces of furniture, so your task will be to acquire them as you progress through the game. You can buy them at the carpentry shop or at the traveling cart; Normally the price in the traveling cart is around 250 to 2500 coins. The main furniture you can get are:

  • Chairs: You can buy them in the furniture cart or in the furniture catalog, except for the glass chair. You cannot buy this, you only acquire it when you have donated 41 minerals to the museum.
  • Banks
  • Sofas and Armchairs
What furniture can I get in Stardew Valley

  • tables
  • Shelves and Chests
  • Chimneys: you don't get them in the traveling cart
  • Carpets : In this case, only the Dark Carpet, Patchwork Carpet, and Red Carpet are available from the Traveling Cart.
  • Televisions : you get these in the catalog.
  • Beds
  • Decorative plants : you get them in the carpentry, traveling cart or in the furniture catalog.
  • Decorative Hanging Plants
  • Paints : Some of these paints are not available in the furniture catalog. You can buy most of them there for free.
  • Flags – You also get flags in the furniture catalog, except for the cloud flag.
  • torches
  • Miscellaneous
This is just a small list of the main furniture, but you can certainly get many more, so it is best to start in Stardew Valley and explore each of the tasks, and go forward and collect coins and buy what you want or you needed for your farm.

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