What is the function of the fences in Stardew Valley

 As we well know, Stardew Valley is an MMORG published by the Chucklefish Games company and developed by Eric Barone or also known as "ConcernedApe". It is a game based on rural or farm life, where the main character that we manage, indicates that his life as an office worker is already boring him and he makes the decision to move to his grandfather's farm, which is deteriorated.

The function of the fences in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley we can find different types of fences, the fences have their main function, to keep the animals out so that they do not interfere with our gameplay or make it a bit tedious. There are different types of fences and their durability varies depending on their type. Crafting is all in the crafting menu.

We can make wooden fences, these are from a recipe from the beginning of the game, easy to create by asking for only 2 wood as a component for its manufacture, it has a sale price of 1 gold, it lasts from 54 to 58 days and It is good for fencing animals.

What is the function of the fences in Stardew Valley

The stone fences are the second in this category, lasting from 118 to 122 days, being a fence that can be manufactured with 2 stones per fence, it is sold for 2 gold and we need to have agriculture at level 2 to obtain his recipe.

In third place we find the iron fences, this being one of the best and second in having more duration, for its manufacture you need 1 iron ingot per fence and it is sold for 6 gold and have agriculture at level 4. Useful for the fencing of houses or other facilities.

Finally, we find the noble wood fences, being manufactured by having agriculture at level 6 with 1 noble wood or it can also be bought in the casino for 1000 gold. It consists of a duration of 558 to 562 days.

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