Where to get artifact chests in Stardew Valley

 The Artifact Chest in Stardew Valley is a container for different items such as relics and antiques. These have multiple uses, but players will need to pay 25 coins at Clint's Smithy in order to access their content. They can only be obtained by purchasing them for 5 Omni Geodes from the Desert Trader or can also be found in Haunted Skulls after completing the Strongbox lot.

Best artifacts inside

The chests contain a variety of items and, although the vast majority of them are artifacts, there are others that are not, for example, the Pearl, the Golden Relic, and the Golden Pumpkin; even in it, you can also find Treasure Chests.

It also contains tools and weapons that you won't use or need in the game, but are very curious like the rusty Ancient Sword, the Prehistoric Tool, and Axe; There are also some strange ones like the Ancient Doll and the Bone Flute. These can be sold or donated to the Museum and receive different rewards for completing lots or donating a specific item.

Among the valuable ones are the Dwarf Scrolls, which despite not having great value, when you manage to obtain all four types and donate them to the Museum, your reward will be necessary if you want the ability to speak with the Dwarf Merchant of the Mines.

Where to get artifact chests in Stardew Valley

The Rare Disc and Dwarven Device are good gadgets and with them, you can get a considerable sum of gold. Also if these pieces are donated to the museum along with 11 other artifacts, you get the Burnt Offering, a good piece of furniture to hang on the wall of the farm.

Finally, The Golden Mask has a great value in gold, being the most valuable artifact in the chests, reaching a sale price of 500g.

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