Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Courage and gratitude - solution

 "Courage and Gratitude" is a mission in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that you must complete in Chapter 3. The quest is relatively short and not that difficult, but directions might pose problems for you. In our guide, we explain what you have to do.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Courage and gratitude - solution

find Ethel

It all starts with the side quest "Getting Information" at the beginning of Chapter 3 in Colony 4. It's sort of a tutorial so you can learn how to get information from NPCs by seeing related icons in the game world. Gather the two pieces of information in the colony to eventually get the "Problems in Colony 4" topic of conversation. Discuss the topic at a rest point and you will unlock the Heroic Mission "Courage and Gratitude".

Then Bolearis speaks to you and says that the commander Ethel is missing. It is located on the hill "Mehir of Galghour" northeast of the colony. You should get to the destination with no problems.

reach drop point

After finding Ethel, you need to aim for the drop point in the distance. Ethel joins you for the time being and you have to go to the drop point. The destination is near the "Border Wall of the Palm" travel point to the west. The supply drop is located behind the border wall. If you run up the border wall and try to climb over it from above, your characters probably won't survive the fall.

There is a much better way. In the northern part of the border wall, there is a tunnel at the bottom, thanks to which you can easily pass through the wall. Luminous collectible items show you the way. It becomes even easier if you switch on the navigation (ZL+Y). A red line then always shows you the correct path for the active mission.

When you reach your destination, you have to take out a few folks at Ethel's side. After that, loot the Supply Crate and return to Colony 4 to successfully complete the mission. You will then unlock Ethel's Lightning Fencer class and gain access to the Clothing menu.

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